Armor Fame Reward for Extreme

by ladycharm on Apr 27, 2021 - 8:37 AM PST


Introducing the new fame reward for Xtreme Server as per below.

**Weapon Reward**

500k fame = level 170+19 (Level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)
700k fame = level 170+20 (Level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)
1m fame = level 170+21 (Level 170 Axe, Bow, Staff and Dagger only)

600k fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+19 Weapon of Choice
800k fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+20 Weapon of Choice
1.1m fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+21 Weapon of Choice

**Armor Set Reward**

1.2m Fame = Level 90+19 Set
1.3m Fame = Level 90+20 Set
1.5m Fame = Level 90+21 Set
1.7m Fame = Level 130+19 Set
1.8m Fame = Level 130+20 Set
2m fame = Level 130+21 Set

Note: To claim your reward. Kindly inform us at claim the higher fame reward you need to surrender the previous fame reward. If you already claimed the fame reward and your fame was decreased below the required fame. KNG have the right to take back the fame reward weapon/set.

"We reserve the right to amend any of the rules and regulations without prior notice and should any dispute arise, KNG Official Team's decision is final."

-KNG Team