Goodbye Buggy LD Quest. Hello LD Tome.

by majidemo on Nov 08, 2019 - 5:56 PM CST

Hello Khanatics,


With the issues surrounding the LD quest, like bug repeats and others. We have decided to remove all the LD quest and just introduce a LD scroll we call LD Tome. 


A tome will ignore the exp instead of subtracting it after receiving which means no more sudden level ups. Unlike the quest that can only be used ones, tomes can be used again after a certain cooldown.

For example a 15day tome with 10,000 kills, can be used again after 15 days or after the tome expires regardless if the 10,000 kills are completed or not. In that way you can kill 20,000 mobs without receiving exp per month.

But ofcourse this scroll won't be permanently on sale. It will be sold on a limited time periods to avoid abuse. So grab it whiles its available, it might be weeks before we sell it again.


Thank you!