Special Freebie Promo

by majidemo on Nov 26, 2019 - 9:44 AM CST



The following Sale/Promo will be available only from November 26 until December 2, 2019.


Donation Event:

     For a Donation of 3k = Free 1 hour NO EXP TOME
     For a Donation of 5k = Free 2 hours NO EXP TOME
     For a Donation of 10k = Free 5 hours NO EXP TOME


Note: After the promo, any unclaimed freebies will be forfeited. Free is per donation, not a total donation. The freebies will be inserted into your character.

No Exp Tome

  • Works like LDQ or LD Tome but doesn't count kills only time.
  • If you have an active LD Tome, this No Exp Tome will be prioritized instead and the LD tome will only resume counting kills when this tome expires. So it is safe to have both activated at the same time.
  • Available in 1hr, 2hrs and 5hrs.
  • Will be used as a limited freebie from time to time. Will not be sold.
  • Usable by level 15-999

Self Claim Form

You can also claim the freebies yourself by using our new self-claiming form that automatically shows up if you are eligible to claim a freebie.

It looks like this:

Make sure to logout your account for about 5 minutes when using this form to insure the items get inserted.