5 Days Treasure Hunt Galore

by majidemo on Mar 01, 2020 - 10:08 AM PST



Starting today (March 1) until March 5 you will get the following freebies for every donation of:


1000 tugriks = 1 free Treasure Chest

3000 tugriks = 4 free Treasure Chest

5000 tugriks = 8 free Treasure Chest


You can automatically claim it here on the website.


Note: if you cash in 10,000 tugriks you can only claim the 8 free Treasure Chest once. If you want, you can cash in the 10,000 twice, by 5000, so you can claim 16 free Treasure Chest.


Self Claim Form

You can also claim the freebies yourself by using our new self-claiming form that automatically shows up if you are eligible to claim a freebie.

It looks like this:

Make sure to logout your account for about 5 minutes when using this form to insure the items get inserted. Then check your inventory, storage 1 and storage 2.


Note: After the promo, any unclaimed Freebies will be forfeited. Free is per donation, not a total donation.