Embracing what we cannot stop

by majidemo on Mar 07, 2020 - 2:28 PM CST

Hello Khanatics,

We have noticed that there are still many players who continue to use illegal thirdparty programs. We have always reminded everyone that we are very strict when it comes to enforcing our rules.

We have banned too many playes because of this but unfortunately they just create a new character and continue their illegal activities. We feel like there is no winning this issue.

So, instead of fighting it, we have decided to embrace it.

If you remember when we opened xtreme we promised an official bot but we still have not released it. Well, instead of releasing it ourselves, since we are very busy with the mobile version, we have decided to allow all thirdparty cut and bot programs except for speed hack or the likes.

This is for Xtreme only and Blaze server continues with the existing rules. Players of xtreme can now use any cut, any bot or any thirdparty program that helps them play and enjoy the game.

Speed Hack and old hacks that have been fixed or no longer works are still not allowed (just incase it works again. example: the old multi hit hack)

Thank you and we hope this makes you enjoy the xtreme server better. We will update the rules accordingly.

IMPORTANT! Botting and cut is now allowed in Xtreme server for hunting.

Happy Botting :P