Royal Guard Weapons/Fame Reward

by ladycharm on May 13, 2020 - 11:41 AM PST


We added the Royal Guard Arms Weapon as a fame reward. Below is the additional requirements.

Extreme Server

600k fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+19 Weapon of Choice
800k fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+20 Weapon of Choice
1.1m fame + Rebirth 1 = level 180+21 Weapon of Choice

To claim your reward. Kindly inform us at
Fame reward weapon when dropped is not a free loot. Kindly report it immediately to our site.

Starting tomorrow Royal Guard Arms can be looted only in all Siberia maps.

Droppable Royal Guard Arms weapon can only be upgraded up to +18. Royal Guard Arms +19 up is reserved for fame reward.

Royal Guard Arms weapon Stats:

-KNG Team